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19 March 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi

Here I am again, finding an idea on what should I write in this blog.

I figured out that I am a bad daughter, a bad friend and a bad person. Will Allah forgive me after all the sins I have done?

Ever since high school days, it seems like life are getting tougher for me and it hard for me to endure it. I cried everyday, I keep on stressing out and there comes a moment when I decided to end my life. Thinking back, it was all a rubbish idea? But in another perspectives, that's how well I live the life of my youth. Look at me right now, I learned to love myself, every single day, to love me for myself and notice every mistakes I have did, by myself.

I used to think when I smiled at others, they will think I am nice. When I wore tudung labuh, everyone will think I am islamic, and I will look down on people that wore short tudung. But look at me right now, my tudung are getting shorter. I used to talk nice and gently, I dislike people that curse a lot, but look at…

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